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You have come the extra mile in your search. We congratulate you on reaching Infinity and hope you will agree that you have arrived at the perfect marriage of passionate quality and everlasting value in a diamond.

Infinity Diamonds What We Do
We plan, cut and polish the world's strictest, most consistent brand of high-performance diamonds. Flawlessly crafted with three-dimensional precision, their visual results exceed every known performance metric, achieving levels yet unmeasured and ungraded by diamond laboratories.

Our commitment to flawless cut results in more than breathtaking scintillation, dispersion, brightness and contrast. It also protects owners of diamonds Crafted By Infinity by ensuring Future Value where other diamonds may lose value as systems evolve. When they are completed, inspected and accompanied by "Crafted By Infinity" documentation, our diamonds are sent to a small family of cut-focused jewelers for sale to you, with no suppliers in-between.

Who We Are
Operating against traditional models, our sole focus is to maximize performance in every diamond we plan and craft. This is achieved through unmatched expertise, extra time, modern technology and passionate attention to the design and execution of each Infinity. Our crafting takes place in Antwerp, the world's diamond capital, and is managed by a dream-team of diamond industry experts:


Paul Slegers, Managing Director - Infinity Diamonds
Paul Slegers serves as the company's Managing Director. Mr. Slegers is a regular consultant and leading authority on diamond cut-quality in both Europe and North America. After obtaining a degree in Commercial Engineering he began working in the Antwerp diamond industry in 1989. In his original capacity as the COO of a DeBeers' sightholder, Mr. Slegers was introduced to mass-manufacturing and trading of both rough and polished diamonds. Later, as COO of Adri Diamond Tools, a market leader in modern diamond-cutting equipment, he expanded his experience by innovating technical solutions for mass-manufacturers in the Far East as well as niche-quality manufacturers in Antwerp. This unique combination of experiences led to the establishment of Infinity Diamonds; where his knowledge, experience and passion have come together.


Lieve Peeters, Chief Gemologist - Infinity Diamonds
Lieve Peeters is the Chief Gemologist for Infinity Diamonds and a highly-sought expert in the Antwerp diamond sector. With over 30 years of industry experience Ms. Peeters holds a continuing position as judicial expert with the Belgian Ministry of Justice. Formerly the Diamond-Expert Coordinator for the Belgian Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs, Ms. Peeters also worked as a sorter for DeBeers sightholder Stieglitz & Grossman and a buyer-grader for Prestige Diamonds. Holding degrees in polishing and gemology, Ms. Peeters is in regular demand as a subject-matter authority in the areas of rough and polished diamonds.


John Pollard, United States Executive - Infinity Diamonds
John Pollard is the United States Executive. A specialist in diamond education and cutting improvement, he is responsible for staff training with Infinity clients and empowerment through cut-quality awareness. Mr. Pollard has taught courses at the JCK Convention, the AGS Conclave, International Gemological Institute Seminars in Shanghai and Beijing, China, GIA Alumni Association forums, Polygon and other industry events and workshops. He is published in IDEX, China Gems Magazine, the Diamond Review and other periodicals. Mr. Pollard has been a reviewer for GIA Gems &Gemology Magazine and the AGS Laboratories‘ Brand Project. A repeat winner of the HEB Education Foundation’s Award of Excellence, he was a full-time professional educator in Texas for seventeen years and continues as Master of Ceremonies for Bands Of America’s Championships, the National Percussion Festival, the Colorado State Marching Contest and other student-focused events in his spare time.



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