The Benefits of Crafting by Infinity

Flawless Cut. Extreme Passion.

The Flawless Cut of diamonds Crafted By Infinity protects our diamond owners in terms of Future Value. That commitment to value is also matched by sincere, ardent passion for what we do, and the personal way in which we do it. That passion extends from the cutting floor in Antwerp, through our elite family of authorized dealers, all the way to the hands of the most important people; those who wear our diamonds.


Exclusivity Infinity Diamonds Exclusivity
Paul Slegers crafts fewer than 1000 diamonds per year making Infinity a true diamond boutique; virtually unheard-of in today’s mass-manufacture world. Resultantly, Crafted By Infinity diamonds represent the strictest, most consistently cut high-performance diamond brand in the world.

Flawless Cut
Each Infinity boasts cut parameters rarer then D color. Rarer than FL clarity. Crafted with identical geometry, every Infinity is a blazing performance-twin to the next and the next. Compare our diamonds to Tiffany, Cartier or Hearts On Fire. These companies produce exquisite diamonds, but sell at a higher markup without the personal control, the consistency, the strict parameters or the three-dimensional micro-cutting precision. Infinity wearers regularly report that the crisp, vivid performance of their Crafted By Infinity diamond exceeds all other diamonds in head to head comparisons.

The Future Value of an Infinity Diamond
Personal Message
One man carefully plans the crafting of every Infinity Diamond. When completed, each diamond is accompanied by his brief signed message. This small gesture is meant to connect the diamond’s eternal past to its wearer’s future: From our hands to yours, from your hand to hers, from now to Infinity.
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Exclusivity Infinity Diamonds Meet The Cutter
Infinity owners are invited to “Meet The Cutter” receptions, hosted annually in cities where Infinity is sold. Guests have the opportunity to meet Paul Slegers and other renowned jewelry experts in a fun, social setting. The reception includes discussion any jewelry enthusiast will love and Infinity wearers can learn the specific history of their own Infinity Diamond from Infinity founder Paul Slegers.
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Provenance Provenance
Infinity Diamonds are produced in accordance with the United Nations Kimberley Process, Belgian Federal AML compliance, the United States Clean Diamonds Act and the voluntary JVC-USA Patriot Act Compliance Program in cooperation with legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict. Infinity Diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees with partners who share a kindred commitment to humanitarian rights and “green” practices.
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From Here To Infinity
Nothing is more personal than a diamond and no diamond is more personal than Infinity. From the specialized selection of the appropriate starting crystal, to the expert planning, strict design and Flawless Cut of your Infinity masterpiece; our boutique team guides the diamond you wear from past to present, and finally to its brilliant future with you.


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