Knowledge is Power

Just imagine returning to 2000 with thousands of dollars - and the opportunity to invest in either AOL or Google... To the people of that time AOL clearly has higher value, while Google is an interesting and useful newcomer in a distant secondary position.

Five years later AOL still commands the highest value between the two. But awareness of Google is increasing, it's implications are becoming more meaningful and greater numbers of people are realizing its value-potential as it evolves.

By 2010 the public continues to respect AOL’s traditional value as a brand-company, but its ceiling was long-ago reached and defined. Google is now more relevant and has greater long-term value to most people, with continued potential for growth and the unarguable first-place position between the two companies.

If you could return to 2000, knowing what we do now, in which company would you choose to invest?

Looking Into The Future

In our opinion, relative to the diamond world, The 4Cs are AOL. The Future of Cut is Google. And every diamond is an Investment.

While we cannot return you to 2000 we can explain how going a bit farther in your diamond investment today will protect its value - and yield higher dividends down the years.


Our Beliefs Explained:


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