The Four Ps

Protecting Future Value

The Four PsDiamonds are considered a store of value because they keep their value over time, often increasing. And if the next 50 years resemble the last 50 the long-term outlook is very positive for those who choose wisely today.

Logically, not all diamonds will make the same value-progress. Shoppers who select diamonds with soft grading and outdated cut assessments will see little or negligible value growth. Meanwhile, those who spend slightly more today for accurate grading and superior cut quality will enjoy strong benefits in the long-term. It's rare, in the world of buying, that something you purchase can actually be expected to increase in value. We encourage you to make the most of the opportunity. To help you maximize your diamond's Future Value we suggest our modern supplement to the traditional Four Cs, which we call The Four Ps.


Pedigree1. Pedigree
Diamond Pedigree refers to accurate color and clarity grading, executed by a major laboratory recognized for consistent, repeatable standards. Soft grading is a deal-killer. If you pay $5,000 for a supposed G SI1 (which is actually an H SI2) the value will never rise in-proportion to what you thought you were getting. Do not compromise on accurate grading to save a few dollars today. Meaningful future value calculations can only happen if those color and clarity grades are accurate from day one. When considering diamonds from different sellers do not be fooled by supposed color and clarity comparisons that are not "apples to apples."


Performance2. Performance
Diamond Performance is a hidden minefield for today’s consumers. We agree that many diamonds look nice, and we agree that buying an AGS Ideal diamond is likely to result in a stone everyone will love. Factually AGSL currently provides the world’s strictest performance metric, but that metric still includes only brightness, contrast and leakage, with no judgment of scintillation. AGS Ideal also includes many round diamonds that we would not permit into the Infinity brand. In the future, just as DEF are all white but subdivided into three colors, we are confident that the current ranges represented by “Ideal” and “Excellent” will become subdivided and evolve, as cut grading systems have over a dozen times in the last 30 years.


Precision3. Precision
Diamond Precision is not yet a component of grading reports in the USA today. Three-dimensional cut-precision, aka “Hearts & Arrows” is universally acknowledged to add value within the trade, and is widely recognized in Asia, the world’s youngest market. But you continue to find little to no information in the resistant USA market. Because there are no published standards many sellers promote diamonds with below-average or accidental patterning as "Hearts & Arrows" stones with no dispute, since USA labs do not yet address Cut Precision. As with performance, failing to account-for Cut Precision today may well be the same as thinking you are purchasing a “D” colored diamond which will become dropped several when a stricter cut metric is applied in the future.


Provenance4. Provenance
Provenance means "to come from" and relates to the sourcing of your diamond. As a compulsory element we believe Conflict-Free origins must be satisfied upstream (read more here). But the jewelry specialist you choose to do business-with is an equally important component of provenance. People put considerable thought into selecting their doctor, lawyer or auto mechanic; hoping to find a subject-matter expert who delivers the best service for the best value. Your choice of jeweler should be given the same consideration: Diamond jewelry decisions are every bit as complex (and expensive) as legal or mechanical decisions. Selecting a trusted jeweler is just as important as your doctor or mechanic, and can pose a greater challenge.

Buyers Beware
Buyers BewareWhy the challenge? Bluntly put, it is difficult to avoid the wide proliferation of profit-driven sales models, adopted as standard practice by many stores and salespeople. Such places advertise huge discounts from prices that never existed in order to attract shoppers. They present soft grading reports, making color and clarity seem several steps improved from reality. They apply cut-quality labels like "Signature" or "Ideal" to most diamonds in the store, using no methodology or meaning. They present in-house "Appraisals" with inflated replacement values listed in order to make the client "feel good" and reinforce the imaginary discount offered. Sadly, these tactics make everyone happy: The brainwashed customer thinks he got a "deal," the store collects more money for an inferior product, and the insurance company charges a larger premium than they should.

Rare TreasuresRare Treasures
In our experience the number of jewelry experts delivering the very highest quality in value, including Pedigree (strong grading), Performance (critical angles which deliver best light return, far beyond any paper-grade) and Precision (3D cut consistency and related performance benefits, not yet graded) are extremely rare. This path requires training in both gemology and optical science, coupled with a commitment to consumer protection and the willingness to sell the most elite diamonds at a fair price. Such jewelers actually bring in less profit-per-sale than the millions of stores pushing average goods for imaginary discounts. When found, such client-friendly jewelers should be considered treasured resources. Like your trusted family doctor or honest mechanic.

Infinity Training
Training Infinity's personnel are active consultants and trainers on every industry level; from manufacturing to major laboratory grading to supply and retail. We specialize in cut-quality and optical improvement, as well as value implications for the future.

Infinity Principals are regular speakers at industry events, from GIA Alumni meetings and AGS Workshops to the annual JCK Convention in Las Vegas, IGI's seminars in Beijing and Shanghai and regional gatherings across the USA. We are active consultants in Antwerp; for grading laboratories, cutting factories and the Federal Justice System (read more here).

Our elite family of authorized dealers has been chosen for their commitment to modern education and consumer protection. We are regularly onsite, working with these talented dealers, who successfully deliver the penultimate in quality for the best possible value. You can find them in our list of locations.

Choosing Infinity
You have come the extra mile, and learned that a bit of extra diligence in your decision-making today can yield tremendous dividends in your future. We congratulate you on finding Infinity and hope you have benefited from our perspective. We invite you to consider joining the Infinity Diamond family, where you can be confident you have made a valuable decision that will prove itself again and again as the years pass.

Choosing Infinity

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