Future Value

The Infinity Advantage

Cut is The Final Frontier D color will always be D color. VS1 clarity will always be VS1 clarity.

But cut-grading is in its infancy, and continues to change. Standards have tightened before and will tighten again. When this happens, a vast number of diamonds sold with a "top" cut grade today will drop to a lesser grade in the new system.

Grading laboratories vary wildly in their fundamental approaches to cut. Some apply meaningless systems. Others use researched systems but only apply them at basic levels. Infinity personnel are regularly consulted by some of the world's major laboratories on cut-grade improvement. Research continues and as time passes change will occur. As that happens many commercial diamonds will lose value when re-graded by stricter standards, as surely as if D color were suddenly subdivided into multiple grades tomorrow.


Personal Message for Infinity Diamond owners

Diamonds planned and Crafted By Infinity are designed with the future in mind. Our production exceeds the performance requirements of all systems, including overseas systems already grading cut-precision. The brand has done so since 2001, when Paul Slegers began crafting with this singular vision.

Some of the world’s top optical scientists, appraisers and laboratory facilitators have chosen Crafted By Infinity diamonds for themselves or their loved ones, acknowledging that Infinity's standards outpace all current metrics and even future systems, currently in-research. We are honored by their choice and support of our vision.

Your purchase is a worthy investment of expertise, extra time in planning and crafting, extra passion and everlasting value in a diamond. Like any other acquisition of elite quality you may expect to pay slightly more now for a treasured item that will prove itself over and over, to the delight of its owner and heirs, as the years pass.


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