The Infinity Partner Program

Investors are currently seeking assets with low volatility and inflation hedges. With gold prices at high and volatile levels diamonds are becoming increasingly popular as viable alternative investments. This is logical, given the historical performance of diamond prices and especially considering the long-term outlook:

Existing diamond mines are beyond their peak capacity levels and production is becoming more expensive. No new major mines have been discovered and the lead time to open a new diamond mine is 7-10 years. At the same time demand for gem-quality diamonds is steadily growing in Asia: China is already the world’s second largest market for polished diamonds and has nearly unlimited room for future growth, as does India. Traditional markets such as the USA and Europe are also strengthening post-recession. Future price increases are extremely likely, continuing the trend of the last decade.

The Infinity Partner Program creates a diversified portfolio of premier quality polished diamonds for engaged partners, allowing participation in the expected value growth of diamonds in coming years. The Fund portfolio consists of the highest cut-quality stones in the highest demand-categories within the established dealer-network of Infinity Diamonds. The fund has the opportunity to utilize the expertise and governance structures already long established by Infinity Diamonds.

Launched in 2011, the IPP has yielded strong returns to its partners, as well as low volatility, low correlation to other investment classes and an asset backed with physical diamonds consigned to Infinity and its dealer-network, along with payment and delivery obligations of Infinity Diamonds; insured by Lloyds. In addition to strong historical performance, low total costs and inflation hedge the IPP provides access to the value growth potential of Infinity Diamonds’ high quality diamond pool, supported by the company’s diamond expertise. As the manager of the partner’s assets, Infinity Diamonds is compensated primarily from performance, creating robust returns for participating partners and having a positive impact on participants' portfolios.

For information about joining the Infinity Partner Program please contact Infinity Diamonds bvba.

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