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No diamond is more personal than Infinity.

Meet The Cutter - Paul Slegers from Infinity Diamonds Do you love diamonds, chocolate and faraway places? Come see dazzling diamonds, enjoy delicious Belgian chocolates and delight in images and information from the most exotic and exciting corners of the global diamond business.

Infinity owners are invited to “Meet The Cutter” receptions, hosted annually in cities where Infinity is sold. Guests have the opportunity to meet the Infinity team and other renowned jewelry experts in a fun, social setting. These receptions include discussion any jewelry enthusiast will love, and Infinity wearers can learn the history of their own Infinity Diamond from Infinity founder Paul Slegers.

You are Invited.

As much as your family and friends, your diamond will be with you each day for the rest of your life. We look forward to celebrating its brilliant future with you in person at our one-of-a-kind "Meet The Cutter" events.


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