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InvestmentWhen buying a diamond at retail, investment implications should never be a primary consideration. You are probably seeking the diamond to mark an occasion or a relationship, with no firm intent to sell it later to make a profit. And that’s how it should be... It is impractical to view such a purchase as an investment, since the cost of distribution for a single diamond is too high and there is no established resale-market.

However, diamonds are considered a store of value because they keep a high value over time, often increasing. And all industry-analysts agree that diamond prices will increase multifold in coming years. So, just as those who inherit an heirloom diamond now wonder how much it's worth, the same will be true for children or grandchildren who may receive the diamond you’ll buy today. And while the “investment” question may not drive your current diamond search, applying some foresight in your decision-making today can optimize its store-of-value in the long-term.

Buy the Diamond, not the Paper
Today's purchase prices are highly defined by the traditional Four Cs. In fact, most diamonds are sold and priced-against-others based only on the details of the grading report, and not the diamond itself. But when re-selling a diamond the grading report will be old and obsolete, virtually worthless. The potential buyer may use it as a reference, but that diamond’s Future Value will be dependent on the collective specifics of the diamond itself - and only some of those elements are present on today’s grading reports. With this in mind, we have composed an outline to help you maximize Future Value in any retail diamond purchase.

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Postscript on Diamond Futures:
While we discourage the concept of retail diamond purchases as investments, an increasing number of diamond houses, Harry Winston included, have started accepting capital for use in sourcing upstream, where investing is practical. Such programs are usually index funds, relying on price-increases alone to generate ROI. Infinity Diamonds launched a strategic partner-program in 2011. This program is yielding strong returns coupled with low volatility, low correlation to other investment classes and an asset backed with physical diamonds consigned to Infinity, along with payment and delivery obligations of Infinity Diamonds, insured by Lloyds. For an overview, please see our Infinity Partner Program (IPP) page.

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